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Dear Mark Hamilton:

I have always been a searcher trying to better myself and be able to give my children a good education and a healthy happy life.  I have many talents, self-educated and plenty of motivation.  I wanted a change from the everyday struggle in life and working two full time jobs for many years.  Life was not getting any easier.

After losing all of my family and caring for them during their illnesses, I myself became ill.  I decided to relocate closer to my grown children at this point and time.  I changed jobs and worked in a wonderful job environment that was very different than I was use to.  This alone changed my life forever, but not until I read your books Mark, did I have any idea that this had been a Neothink® job.  It was the most organized position I ever had in my life, but I never knew why.   Regretfully I left the job and moved to another state.  I missed that job so much, that I had a very hard time adjusting to the way the world was today.  This is when I truly realized the dishonesties, illusions, religious beliefs, broken promises and anything else anyone could get away with, had taken over America.  The hurt and pain was so bad that it almost destroyed my life.  I was literally thrown out of a secretarial job in a church and six months later laid off on a stagnated, false promise job with no integrity.  A few months later I received your literature and decided things couldn’t get much worst.  I still missed the Neothink® job I had quit and knew I had made a big mistake leaving, especially being exposed to an all together different broken world.

As I studied the Multigenerational manuscripts, learned about integrations, Neothink® and the business plan I then really began to see what I had and left when I quit that special job.  I was back in the anti-civilization.   Mark you gave me a second chance to get out of the stagnated traps, especially the huge illusions of the church. All of the Heirloom books are absolutely phenomenal and I read every day.  What is so amazing to me is that when you wrote about Israel originally thinking about settling in Grand Island, NY and then choosing Israel instead.  This was another place I lived as a child.  I lived on Grand Island and went to Junior High School there.

I never in my life heard of Neothink® or the Neothink Society yet I sense when I am around the Neothink® people.  Thank you, Mark Hamilton for giving me a second chance to become what I was meant to be.  What a ten second miracle! Now I have the opportunity to become my own Value Creator and with my Friday Night Essences I can move forward with all of my visions, common denominators and my picture puzzles snapping into place. I realize I am being given a wonderful opportunity, and I will become what I was meant to be by creating my own value in life.  The Multigenerational manuscripts gave me the honest truth on how to advance my life and it was the Neothink® job that I had previously that I was still searching for when you found me.  I thank you Mark Hamilton for finding me and changing my life forever. You have brought me back into the wonderful life of Civilization.  This is where I want to stay.  It is the Multigenerational manuscripts, Mark that enlightened my life and removed all of the illusions and dishonesties that were imbedded in me during my life.  My deep motivational roots and the education that I have learned from all of the self-leaders of the society is what has enabled me to move forward and become the person I am today. What wonderful human beings in the Neothink Society…

I am advancing very rapidly now and my visions are forthcoming every day.  My Friday Night Essence for the first six months was working on my self using the common denominators of Neothink®. This is my first value creation.  Now I am proud to say I am creating a few Friday Night Essences with common denominators and the picture puzzles are snapping in place one by one.  My life has changed forever with no illusions or dishonesties.  What a Wonderful World! Everyone in the Universe can have this great opportunity. The happiness and self satisfaction without the dishonesties is available to all people willing to advance to the Twelve Visions World.

Mark Hamilton you are certainly a genius and a phenomenal writer and teacher.  I am really proud to have you as my mentor.  I would not be here if it were not for you and the many hardworking self-leaders devoting their time and knowledge to advance the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions World. The new Friday Night Essence I am creating will be for you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.  “My Greatest Value Creation Is Forthcoming!” I admire and appreciate all of you.  It’s now my time to give back to the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions World so we can all enjoy and prosper in the beautiful world of Mark Hamilton-America including the poor and the elderly.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Mark for giving me the chance to live again and mentoring me to become a true value creator.  I honor and love you and I am here to help bring about the Twelve Visions World to the wonderful world of Mark Hamilton-America.




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