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What The Twelve Visions Party Means To Me

I’ve always been aware of how inefficient, corrupt, immoral and destructive the world of politics can be. It has always dumfounded me how people can take for granted the basic human right to freedom and liberty. The whole idea of a small ruling class telling millions of harmless citizens how to act and forcing them to comply is the most anti-American, anti-freedom idea I can think of.

So how did we as a nation dig ourselves into this hole that resembles a totalitarian, socialistic and fascist grave? How did this once prosperous country fall victim to the greed and corruption of a force backed ruling class? And how has the U.S. Constitution been slowly torn to shreds over decades of manipulation by the subtle pecking away of individual rights and freedoms?

The root cause to these things is the growing rule of man as opposed to the flawless rule of law. Politicians have been slowly and steadily empowering themselves to both create and enforce more and more laws. They have been slowly adding the “King of England” back into the lives of Americans. They have been systematically and knowingly undermining the original idea that this country was founded on, which is: the rule of law is to do the governing, not the rule man.

Man interpreting law with all of his personal dishonesties, personal motivations and hidden agendas has allowed the rule of law to succumb to the same abusive rule of man that the founders of this great nation stood up to and opposed.

I have been aware of this sad situation for as long as I can remember. For decades, I felt helpless…Helpless to make a difference…Helpless to prevent this wonderful nation from collapsing upon itself as arrogant Constitution perverting pork fed politicians polish up on slight of hand at our expense.

For years I had all but given up hope. For years I suffered in silent frustration, feeling the situation was hopeless. Like many others, I had fallen victim the politician’s illusions to some degree; not only myself, but everyone is immersed in their clever hoax.

This hoax is perpetrated by the politicians themselves and their media cheerleading cohorts. Even Adolf Hitler himself noted that the masses fall more easy prey to a big lie than a small one. The illusion that politicians actually contribute something to society would make Houdini himself want to disappear.

But there are many illusions, much corruption, and rampant outright forceful aggression being perpetrated by members of the government on a daily basis. We, the people, have tolerated this for far too long. And the Twelve Visions Party is here to say it’s time for Americans to stand up and take our country back!

We have many heroic, shining examples of this very thing to emulate. At the beginning of World War Two, the greatest generation awoke one day to a serious and ominous threat. They intrinsically knew it was time to drop the plow and sickle, leave the farms and make their ways to the battlefield. They knew it was time to leave their family stores, time to clean out their desk at the office and bid their bosses and coworkers goodbye. They proudly answered this historic call to duty with strong, firm voices of conviction.

As they gathered at bus stops and train stations to go defend this country, there was no need to say any words because their solemn demeanors and profound eye contact said it all. They shared a common bond, a benevolent pride for their mutual destinies inside the most celebrated call to arms in human history.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for America to rise up, unite…and take on the life threatening corrupt rule of man once again! However, this time we’re playing for keeps. After this final battle, we will never again need to be called to action in this manner. We can sleep soundly knowing our children and grandchildren will forever be safe, once this final victory in the age old battle of good and evil is won.

This victory is guaranteed by the Prime Law of the Twelve Visions Party which permanently eliminates initiatory force of all kinds. This Prime Law of no initiatory force was the missing component to the near-perfect U.S. Constitution. It would have restricted our politicians from forcing us to jump through ever more hoops in order to support their ever growing base of parasitical constituents. The Prime Law of protection guarantees that force, threat of force, fraud, and coercion are eliminated once and for all…from inside the government and out.

The career politicians have indeed awakened a sleeping giant. We, the people…the majority, have become aware of the destruction and inhuman acts of aggression our own government is responsible for. We, as individuals, are ready to pour into the streets and march straight to Washington along side Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party to claim victory over tyranny once and for all!

Indeed, the Twelve Visions Party means victory…Victory for honest, hard working Americans like you and I. It means victory over aggression. It means triumph and restitution for the families of those heroically brave firefighters who gave their lives after running into the inferno of the World Trade Center without a second backward glance.

It means victory to our parents and grandparents who’ve spent lifetimes building the companies, the infrastructure, and the beauty of this great nation…only to have their Social Security eaten up by inflation and plundered by politicians. Now our parents and grandparents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that every single one of those force collected dollars will be returned to them…paid in full, with fair market interest added.

TVP means victory for our young children who can now stare wide-eyed into the future and know for certain that they will one day enter a work force that is the most exciting, opportunistic and fulfilling adventure ever known! What a life they have to look forward to! What a life we can provide them by taking the responsibility on our shoulders today by introducing the Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution.

We shoulder huge responsibility already. We pour massive amounts of values and productivity into society every single day. We are the life blood of humanity. We pave the streets, we grow the produce for our supermarkets…we run the cash registers at the department stores, we build the cars, the houses, we coach the little league teams, we run the businesses that support this country and we are the ones who teach our children in the schools.

We, the People ARE America. We’re not career politicians, bloated lobbyists or unproductive bureaucrats. We, the People are honorable Americans who have dreams, goals and achievements we can be proud of. We look to each other with compassion, with pride, with a sense of camaraderie, and with a genuine hope for a brighter future.

I love the fact that being a part of the Twelve Visions Party allows me to feel these emotions on a new and never before experienced level. The pride and exhilaration I feel as a member of TVP sometimes hits me so hard in a wave of euphoria that I am literally brought to tears.

Being part of this amazing cause has lifted my soul to heights I never dreamed possible. The affinity I’ve felt with other members…the friends I’ve made, and the personal growth I’ve experienced has left me a completely different person than who I was just a few months ago.

I know now for certain that We, the People, finally and permanently have a REAL avenue to achieve a perfect paradise of health, wealth and peace. It’s called the Twelve Visions Party, and its here to deliver what We, the People want.

All throughout my adult life, I’ve never exercised my right to vote. Although I’ve been bombarded by people telling me that if you don’t vote, then you have nothing to complain about.

Well, before TVP, it was impossible for me to convey to these people that my conscience wouldn’t allow me to vote. It would not allow me to support this corrupt system by partaking in it through voting. I could see that voting in one rule of man politician for another is pointless. The rule of man itself needs voted out of existence. The system itself needs completely renovated. And with the Twelve Visions Party I can finally cast a vote for exactly that.

I am so very much looking forward to walking into that voting booth for the first time in my life to support something I truly believe in. I am so VERY much looking forward to making my voice heard by voting people into office who I know, due to the TVP contract they’ve signed, will actually represent me and what I want. Words cannot describe how happy I am to know that my vote for what I want will finally count.

And you can do the same. Whatever your needs in life are, the Twelve Visions Party Platform delivers on those needs. The most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and your family is joining me in the patriotic duty of establishing the Twelve Visions Party and voting for TVP candidates when the opportunity arises.

When you walk into that voting booth and cast your vote for TVP, you’re saying “My financial support for the government is now completely voluntary!”

You’re saying “No longer will politicians and bureaucrats force me to support a system I disagree with!”

You’re saying “My Company is now completely FREE! …Free from ridiculous regulations and economy stifling litigation.”

By voting for TVP you’re saying “Our parents and grandparents are now FINALLY recognized properly for all of the contributions they’ve made.”

You’re also saying “Our beloved veterans are now and forever will be treated with complete dignity and respect by the very government they’ve risked their lives for.”

You’re saying “I want to be FREE! I want to live in a place without any initiatory force…a place where I can do whatever I want!”

Supporting Twelve Visions Party is saying “I want to live with perfect health. I want the medical industry to be free of corruption, free from burdensome regulations, and free of an impotent FDA that does more harm than good. You’re saying I want everyone to be healthy and live with vigor and youthfulness!”

When you stand up tall as a proud member of the Twelve Visions Party and do what you can to help out, you’re saying “I DEMAND Disneyland like safety in the streets provided to me by a non-intrusive government which has the sole purpose of protecting me!”

And when you take a role within TVP and help the Party get established, you’re saying “I DEMAND that the genius entrepreneurs are set free to bring me unheard of prosperity! …I DEMAND that the citizens of this great nation ALL get rich without lifting a finger!”

And you’re saying “I DEMAND that the Prime Law be established NOW so I can have everything I want out of life and live happily ever after!


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