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Mr. Mark Hamilton,

I thank you for creating the Neothink literature. It clearly conveyed your vision of humanity’s next leap in cognition. I enhanced my cognitive dissonance through principles, techniques, and strategies learned in your literature. The material showed me how to see through the illusions of hoaxers, while maximizing my own value creation. My enhanced cognitive dissonance maximizes the highest degree of personal responsibility humanly possible, and empowers me with freedom from illusion, which is the true basis to higher consciousness, and the next big leap for humanity.

The Twelve Visions Party’s credo is honorable and founded on the Neothink® Society’s principles of higher consciousness. The Prime Law is the ultimate destiny of humanity in its highest cognitive realm. Mark Hamilton taught me how I and all humanity can pierce the glass ceiling of illusion to achieve permanent peace, health, wealth, prosperity and eternal happiness.

I expect the Neothink® Society will receive suppressive pressure from the political elite, because their current playbook demonizes opposition to their hoaxes. This seems to be acceptable to the statuesque public, because they have been prepared for, and have been willingly acclimating to a massive Marxist conversion from Capitalism; under political disguise (hoaxes) of “urgency”, and ”necessary changes for the greater good”, or in some cases “survival of humanity”.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans have slipped into a “following stupor”, under hoaxes of grand illusions at the hands of political value destroyers. The majority of America’s career politicians are not value producers, nor value creators; they are unqualified people elected as servants “leaders”.  American Career politicians usurp unearned values and unearned power from U.S. citizens through illusions of prosperity and other self-serving hoaxes; thus they are value destroyers. Their currently popular ”transformation” hoax has an unprecedented following of deceived people, who have a high disposition to believe anything that sounds good, and they voluntarily turn to others (unqualified idealists) for leadership. Those very misguided people are inadvertently empowering the perpetration of unprecedented losses of freedoms, rights, and liberties while increasing the national debt, and taxes of The United States of America, and the rest of the Capitalist World.

The political hoaxers have comrades in the business sector that also empower them in exchange for political favors as they too are value destroyers and inept in the capacity of value creator and absolutely need unfair politically acquired advantages to survive. Business hoaxers are also value destroyers, yet their positions lend credibility to their political counterparts hoaxes.

The political hoaxers’ created and continue to perpetuate a cause for improvement for the general welfare of all, while only usurping values from value producers, to be given to non-value producers; a government sponsored (Robin Hood thievery) wealth transfer scheme of the highest historical magnitude. Knowing their hoax cannot work, they are creating clever schemes to increase tax burdens of the value producers.  Many of the misguided believe in the false claims of hoaxers, because these people have a disposition to believe in and have faith in the mystical whims of others.  They are led to the slaughter house unknowingly because of their blind faith in the highest profile hoaxers in human history.

Since the Prime Law proffered by Mark Hamilton eliminates the need for government regulation, career regulators and politicians will attack the Neothink Society because it is a threat to their self perpetuated necessity; it is a threat to their very existence. The only winning strategy for a free-market America and the eliminating the dilemma of self-serving career politicians (hoaxers) is to guide the masses towards higher genius-level consciousness through cognitive dissonance enhancements taught by Mark Hamilton his Neothink literature. The Neothink Society is all about empowering humanity with the ability to explore and develop the higher consciences only available to humanity through his cognitive dissonance principles and strategies.

For that little blessing, I thank you very much Mr. Hamilton.

As long as the Neothink® Society propagates pure CAPITALISM they will represent Value Creators and Value Producers and will remain the antithesis to Value Destroyers, regardless of their Marxism, Communism, and Totalitarianism traits, and consequently be under assault from the opposition to True and Pure Capitalism.

Kurt – San Juan Capistrano, CA


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