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Mark Hamilton is a wonderful person!  He spent all that time creating those heirloom packages. As an author myself, writing my first book, I can appreciate all that hard work.  They are the greatest books I ever received!!  They have changed my life! Because of those wonderful works, I have hope, and  I am a value creator today!

Mark Hamilton didn’t stop there.  He created a political party, The Twelve Visions Party. It is my party of choice, because it advocates in its platform, to make everybody rich, including the poor.  I also like the protection-only government, so people can achieve their destinies, and increase their potential.

Mark also created the Neo-Think Society.  I appreciate the fact that there is a place where like-minded, integrated  thinkers can meet each other!  I talk to them on the conference calls, and in Facebook!  It makes me happy that I have such wonderful friends I can talk to every day.  I no longer feel lonely.

I know I took action to make this all happen.  I believe I attracted that letter from Mark.  It seemed to come to me like magic.  I know better today.   It was my destiny!  I discovered my Friday Night Essence, which like Mark, is writing!  If I hadn’t received that letter, I have not realized my true potential.  Thank you very much for sending me that letter, Mark!  It changed my life!

Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance,

David V


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