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My Testimonial

As far back as I can remember, my child of the past and I, had been searching, searching for that something I could not identify at the time.  Until, one day about six years ago, that which I was searching for found me, it came in the form of a letter. It was addressed to me from a man named Mark Hamilton.  From that time on, until this day Mark became the major factor in my life.

His honesty, his openness, his to The point showed me what really is.  Sadly to say, my parents, although they tried never could show or tell me what is, because they did not know.  The Educational system could not, because they did not know, Religion.
could not they were too blind, my Government could not. Mark Hamilton could, because he had the knowledge a New way of looking at life. He was and is able, not only to show me, but millions of others around the world.  That all of those unanswered questions that mankind has do have answers.

Mark is a great teacher, a teacher that transcends all of this planets teaching.  Mark is a value creator, that out produces, out performs, out competes all other competitive concerns, this he teaches to all he comes in contact with.  My life has changed in every aspect ,now I also know how to create values not only for myself, but for the rest of society Mark…is the one human on this planet, that can and will take All mankind, each and every human on this earth to the very, pinnacle of where mankind should be.  There are many negative individuals, that do not know Mark Hamilton or his…works, but still spout negatives, with a lack of anything positive to offer.  To those individuals with those biases I submit: Mark Hamilton is one of the noblest, honest, and heroic humans on this planet.  Mark take your place with the other great masterminds of mankind, past and present, Mark has many publications to aid and guide mankind to that pinnacle of life,t o a new world.

Roy M


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