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So much has changed in my life since being involved in the NeoThink Society. I read the literature everyday and I learn something everytime. By applying these techniques taught in the literature, I have grown a lot as a person. I truly  understand what being successful means.

After years of grasping the knowledge, I can say I have control of my life. That is the best feeling in the world.

I have had many paradigm shifts with my life. Mark Hamilton really touched me about how crucial health is and the importance of a good diet plan. Several things have happened personally in a positive way regarding my health. I’m 37  and have had allergy problems for over 20 years. My family and wife’s family kept insisting for over 3 years I go to an allergist and get some medicine to make me better. I went against what they said and tried an holistic approach. When I started I was taking 2 Claratin-d a day and using nose spray every 2 hours.

So I got adjusted once a week by a chiropractor for  the next year and a half. My back and neck felt better, but my allergy problem still persisted. Meanwhile both sides of the family getting upset with me not going to see an allergist.  Then I bartered out giving golf lessons to get deep tissue massage. I went once a week for an hour massage and gave her son golf lessons. I started to feel a difference within 2 months. The massage therapist recommended doing  acupuncture. I said I can’t afford that , so I began talking with the accupunturist and struck up a deal. She gives me one treatment a week and I give her husband a one hour golf lesson a week. Well, after 2 treatments from acupuncture, I was cured. It took a little less than 2 years to naturally heal myself . This was well worth it and it has been 7 months now of no medication.  I tell you this story because I directed myself to do what I knew was right and not listen to the majority of people.

With feeling better , I decided it was time to really get in shape. The last 7 months I’ve been working out at a gym 6 times a week. I also hired a personal trainer once a week to help me train. I’ve never been a big fan of gyms, because I honestly didn’t know how to work out. I learned a lot in the 6 months I trained with the trainer. I have developed a passion for getting into shape and love it. I’ve lost 11lbs. and have gone from 19% body fat to 12%. I feel better than whan I was 25. When I started working out, I changed my diet and eat very healthy now. This is equally if not more important than working out. Put the two together and you have a powerful package to feel great.

I’m very proud of these changes I’ve made in my life. I choose to live! The literature has inspired me to look within myself and become proactive in making these changes.

I can parallel how the mental and learning of the literature is the same for becoming healthy. The first couple of month’s of reading the literature made me ask a lot of questions about myself and to be very honest with who I am. Thinking this honestly about myself was very hard, but I stuck with it because I knew these changes needed to occur within me. After a few years some major changes have occurred. As far as the health, I  remember  hating my personal  trainer. The first month and a half, I could not hardly function for the rest of the day. I got the toughest trainer and that is what I wanted. I love thinking hard and working out hard. They are habits I have created from using discipline, thought, and control.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for kicking my but in gear  to become a better person.

Proud Member,



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