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Since joining the Neothink Society I have gone from a hard working person just struggle to survive to a very happy person creating training that I now know will help shape the minds of people for the future. Because of the material I was able to see layoffs coming at one job and find another job before the axe fell.

I am now developing training based on a lot of research that I probably wouldn’t have done with out the support of the society members. The feedback has given me great insight into many areas of thought and allowed me to formulate simple but effective approaches to teaching.

I am currently constructing 5 websites to put forth my ideas in different areas and I am also the adminsitrator for another site run for the Neothink Society to blog on.

It has been an amazing journey since I started a few years ago and the future is so bright! I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I am creating the light for others to follow!!


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