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I have been an avid reader of Mark Hamilton for over a decade.

Through his incredible books Mark has illuminated all areas of my life, such as:

* Career and business success (I achieved a rapid rise in my professional career to Head of Marketing).

* Relationships (women often tell me that I’m mysterious, and not like other guys, and one of the most interesting people they’ve ever met).

* Independence of thought and how to identify the good and the bad elements of society and politics (and what to do about it!)

When you receive Mark Hamilton’s information, it is truly mind-bloggling at how clearly you come to understand everything that happens around you…

…from office politics, to personal relationships, to the manipulation of society by those in government, and much, much more.

But most importantly, I have learned how to profit personally whilst contributing to positive change.

So who is Mark Hamilton, really?

I believe he is someone so deeply focussed, so experienced, and so dedicated, that he will rise to fame — not by political guile or celebrity media exposure — but by the powerful knowledge that is captured in his eye-opening and life changing books.

Thank you Mark Hamilton.

Gavriel Shaw


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