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How to start this….well I received a letter out of the blue that intrigued me, I’m now a first year apprentice to Neothink, and thoroughly enjoying studying Mark Hamilton’s literature. I’ve always thought how unbalanced the world seems, the “haves” and “have nots”, the wealthy and the poor and no matter how hard I worked I’ve never seemed to get out of the rut of life and living. Now after reading Neothink my suspicions were confirmed…the people in power unjustly kept the power for themselves, but now with eyes wide open, I see these people for who they are, the knowledge I have gained is immense. I’m not saying Neothink is an overnight cure, but armed with such a wealth in information I can make better decisions to make my life a better life. Everyone has different goals in life, but we all share a common need for happiness, love and freedom to enjoy what Mark Hamilton outlines in his literature…the free will to be who we are meant to be


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