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Neothink puts me in a comfort Zone. I simply wish I had discovered these honest truths sooner in life, but it’s never too late to start living.

I have rarely discovered anything as passionate, heartfelt, and sincere as these new discoveries provided to me by Mark Hamilton through the Neothink world.

I now want to live life to the fullest. I am extremely happy about waking up each day knowing that the world truly is my oyster … And I feel strongly about this. This is not just a cliché anymore.

Neothink helps me to relax, disseminate illusions, and view through smoke screens to the core truths about everything. It’s as if I now have a head start on living life to its fullest. A heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel the joys as I once did as a kid eager to go outside and ride his new bicycle the day after his birthday.

I now see clearer and understand life’s meaning. There is a difference between living and existing. In the past I felt that I was simply existing, and the hand that I was dealt was the inevitable hand destined for me. I now feel really good and have a true passion of being a part of life – The here and now. I am determined and striving to build a winning hand at life and disclose opportunity for true Value Creators so that we all may prosper.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping me to realize that there are like-minded people that I can trust to see the beauty and honesty of this world; those who I can know will do the right things regardless of the pressures of anti-civilization; those, who with the assistance of the laws of nature, can make a positive impact on a much larger audience. In short, those who seek a new-found drive, through Neothink, to contribute effectively to society.

Imagine, thinking no one appreciates your honesty, sincerity, passion for others, nor your drive to make the world a better place (to bring about the Twelve Visions World). Well, that is no longer my disposition. Pessimism is no longer a part of my thinking. I am more steadfast in my mission to be a Value Creator than ever before because I know that I am not alone.

My thirst for knowledge has grown and my work status, social life, and marriage is much improving as a result my current thinking and actions.

I only wish I could have shared this with my father before he died. He and I both would have been at peace as he shared his last words with me on his death bed. He would have known of the limitless knowledge and happiness I was capable of accumulating through the writings and revelations associated with Mark Hamilton.

His dying words, “Take Care” would have been more resounding and said with more confidence and conviction. His last words would have been more like a demand rather than a parting wish. I am sure of this!

In parting, I truly feel (Judging from Neothink members I‘ve come across) that our association with Neothink brings about that happy sensation that once dwelt in the pit of our stomachs as children. You know! That feel-good gut feelings that we once had throughout your adolescent years when we were blind to dishonesties.

Well, its reinsertion in the consciousness of my being as an adult proves to me that I am not only a part of the Here and Now”, but that I am also part of a much larger picture. I am a part of a Conscious Universe.

Thank you again, Mark Hamilton, for your efforts!

Love and Prosperity


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