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Dear Mentor Mark Hamilton,
I take the opportunity of this season to express my heartfelt appreciation to you in particular and the Neothink Society especially. You said it a year ago that this year is going to be the best year I have ever had, and that is exactly how this year 2009 has been. In fact, I find it limiting to address you with just the title above because you are more than a mentor to me especially and other Neothink family as a whole. Even though I have not seen you physically yet, meeting you virtually at our level meetings put a lot of smiles on my face each time, that at times cause a fear in me with the thought of the impossible happening to you as other past great teachers.
Mentor, you are a special gift to humanity as you know yourself and I can feel greater values coming from you and the Neothink Society to me in person and the world as a whole. You and the Neothink Society are what the world really needs at this time and it is good you have come out with the Twelve Vision Party that will really set everyone free from the dishonesties and illusions that we all battle with, starting from America then to the world.
By your help I can now understand a whole lot of things around me even thought I still have a long way to fully evolve into who I believe I am meant to be.
Even as I can say I have not make much money this year 2009, I believe consistently using the tools in the literatures by working with downstream focus will make me realized the benefits. This I believe is a puzzle in my personal life that will enable me to free my mind with no financial burdens as I evolve into great value creations and help others in the same direction.
It has been an exiting journey since I first received your invite into the society. I can truly say that yes! I feel really free and exited as I can see the direction of my life now.
In fact, I know it can only get better with you, Neothink Society and the new Twelve Vision political party as our passion is widely heard in the world for freedom of humanity.
Much love



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