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When I think of I’ve learned, what I first thought was you don’t believe in God. That almost turned me off. But I steadily read on. I know my dad’s wife chose to not to committee, I’m not sure what her real reasons were cause I’ve only met a few soulless  people who thrive on lying, cheating, & stealing, feeling them & their chosen were the only entitled.  And her & her family is that…. It’s like my soul opened to the light, but then so many feel they’re the only right, they don’t open the box under the tree to the wonderful gifts that are right in front of themselves. A neighbor’s kindness, a store clerk, just about anyone that you meet. I am so rich in my life; I seek the truth, honesty, hope, faith. God, Zone, whatever you call it, is here. Thor is navigating, & Boo is doing his thing as he is in captivity. To be set free from others fear, in the air, fire, earth, water, seeking truth, to set him free. I see them all, I know them well. As soon as I leave Kansas as Dorothy, the truth will set us free. No more shall I be afraid. The victory will be sweet. But for now we have a lot of truths to open. It will be beautiful, as the gifts we open, everyday. I don’t know the moves that will guide us home, but soon it’ll be time. So try to trust in yourself as I do that the truth will set us free. Everyone lives with so many misconceptions of life, yet there are many who are awaking to look to truth leaving Kansas behind is so … Alice in wonderland. The mad hatter spitting untruths. Let us search our souls… As united we stand though we all have our own feeling & truths, find a common goal to unite all, so thoughts that really lay, cheat & steal will fall

Jim and Donna G


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