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We have all longed for something in our lives, that unfufilled dream we all remember from our childhood that somehow got lost along our journey to adulthood. Hi there everyone, my name is James William Munn. I wanted to write a few things about a man named Mark Hamilton. I have learned so much from this man’s teachings, it seems as though words can not suffice to tell. Five months ago I would have told you the world is such an evil, sick, twisted, and disgusting place to live. Most of you reading probably agree with this statement and feel as if it is only getting worse. Let me tell you this statement could not be further from the truth. Think back, as I have been taught, to the time in your life when everything was new and exciting, there were a milllion adventures just waiting to be had. Was the world such a bad place then? Now think if everyone thought and worked like this, would’nt the world be such an exciting, lovely, and wonderful place to live? Mark Hamilton helped me to discover this world. I so look forward to raising my family in such a world. So what is stopping us, all of us, the human race from living in such a way? The answer is ourselves, our own mindsets, but what if we could change this? These are some of the questions Mark Hamilton’s various works ask, and surprisingly enough even answer. How many of you don’t look foreward to the rest of your lives because you just feel stuck, or you feel you can’t get anywhere like a ship without sails or wind, just floating and at the mercy of all the elements around you? I felt this way, but I don’t anymore Thanks to Mark Hamilton. If you can relate to this please give Mark a chance and study his works with an open mind, I know it will be worth while for you as it was for me. I am on my way to living the life I had only ever dreamed of before and now everyday’s a new adventure with something to see, do, or feel. I can promise you that you’ll wish you had more time to expirence all this maginificent world has to offer. Your life, like mine, will never, ever , be the same. Thank-you readers, and Thank-you Mark Hamilton.


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