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A few years ago I made the decision to get the Prime Literature, and in one year my life changed drastically. Mark Hamilton told us when we were going through the different levels how much our lives would change, and he was right. The group of people that I am involved with are all working to better our lives, and the lives of all the people we know. As we progress in our society, and we see the picture more clearly, we are now snapping the pieces of our puzzle into an amazing framework that others will be able to replicate.

My life is getting better everyday as I use the tools that Mark has shared with us. I have stepped out of the familiar routines that I use to do, and have stepped up, to take on responsibilites that I have never done before. This is challenging, but very rewarding as I continue to grow into the person I am meant to be.

I am looking forward to the journey that I’m on, and with the amazing people that I have met; I really look forward to meeting all the people that the society is attracting, learning about them, and watching them grow with me. We are such a diverse group, but the common dominators are so obvious now. It is really fun to get together with like-minded people,and the time goes by so fast, that I don’t want our time together to end.

I know that as we continue to work on our puzzle that our world will keep changing for the betterment of society. Mark Hamilton is responsible for bringing about this change in all that he does for us; Thank you Mark, and I hope that you will continue to lead us as you always have with integrity, and love for all.


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