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Before Neothink I was suffering from my own personal demons. Each getting worse day by day. I never actually thought that anything could help me out of it. I thought maybe this was the life I was meant to live until I was contacted by the secret society. They told me things I thought could never be true until I ordered the actual book and took the time to read through it.

There was nothing in my whole entire life that actually opened my mind, my soul and my spirit the way Neo Think has. I have never experienced such a thing. Immediately I felt better about everything. Slowly those personal demons went from firmly gripping my soul to fading each day. I was relaxed, happy and eager to start life all over again.

Then I was introduced to the meetings. And let me tell you, the meetings made me feel the way I did when reading the books only tripled. I’ve never been so happy and so calm about life. I used to stay up most of the day and night worrying about life, fearing everything and letting my myself fall deeper and deeper into a black hole I like to call ‘the sucker hole’. I’m more than happy to say that all of that is in the past and I am moving towards making a name for myself and going about life with a positive thought.

Neothink has definitely changed my life. I’ve changed so much I can’t even remember the me I used to know. The me that suffered so much in the past. I don’t know her anymore and I am happy to know that she and I grew apart. Now that I am in the present with a new mind, a new soul, a new spirit and a whole new perspective on life I know for sure than nothing will ever hold me back.


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