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Mark Hamilton, the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party
Mark Hamilton is a writer that has gone to the essence in basic techniques for achieving health, wealth and romance in your life.  His “how to” books are clear and simple to understand and apply.  I am completely satisfied with his product and highly recommend them to everyone.  Some of his ideas seem like simple common sense while others are new and unusual.  But, the combined total of all his writings have an amazing consistency and each piece fits together like a puzzle.  What this does is allows for any improvement in one area of your life to help improve all other areas without conflict or sacrificing one goal for another.  
The Neothink® Society is just a bunch of ordinary people, who have read Mark Hamilton’s books, getting together to discuss his ideas and help each other apply his techniques to their own lives.  We are all learning to take responsibility for our lives, finding joy in our work, achieving financial success and improving our friendships and romantic relationships.  I have worked my way into a sales position that will improve my earning potential.  I have developed a new passion for my work that makes even the routine chores more interesting.  I attack all my work with a new intensity.  My wife of 10 years has noticed the changes in me.  She told me she thinks she is falling in love with me all over again like when we first met.  And, she told me she is proud of me.  Also, I love the friends I have met through the Neothink® Society.  I believe we are all on our way to becoming extraordinary.
The Twelve Visions Party is about getting government out of our lives except for protection from force and fraud.  This was the original intent of the Constitution of the United States that this country was founded on.  As we learn to take responsibility for ourselves, we will no longer need the government to take care of us.  We will take control of our lives and lead ourselves into health, wealth and peace instead of following our government into endless disease, poverty and wars.   We are no longer just complaining about our government.  We are doing something about it.  The Twelve Visions Party will replace career politicians with successful business people who know what freedom and prosperity are all about.  We will be like no other political party in that we will deliver what we promise – health, wealth and peace.
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