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Hello Mr. Hamilton
Good day, i cannot express my generosity enough, for sharing the Neothink experience with me. You have given me the road map to conquer most of the issues that plagued mankind. The Neothink society has been a tremendous help
to me. If offers a life long knowledge of vital information of which i was not aware of. I have red many books in my life time, but i have to say the Neothink literatures has lifted me to higher degree of understanding. When I received your introductory letter and red it, i know the redemption of a broader knowledge was about unveil. Even though i knew i was a special person, because  i was constantly told by my parents. I cannot go into details on this because this is a confidential issue.

Your literatures and teachings are one of the most educational, self awareness, eye opening experiences I ever had. I was in the darkness of planetary diseases which caused by neocheater’s activities. The journey with Mark Hamilton is great. I will encourage anyone who has not red the literatures as yet to get on board. Experience
your true you, its dying to get out. You are suppressing your knowledge of growth. In this so called modern society, getting an educated is great, but getting an education in the Neothink society is a life time of values that you will never find in a text book.

Mr. Hamilton, in my book you are the catalyst that will open lots of eyes in this universe.

Phil M


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