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To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Mark Hamilton is a creative, decent, hard working man dedicated to LIFE, Love and Liberty.   Mr. Hamilton has deeply held convictions about life, work, health, and man (kind)’s innate desire for happiness and freedom.   Mr. Hamilton has explored, discovered and divulged new knowledge, the roots of knowledge, of how you can build yourself, your body and your mind, to master your own life.  You are not dependent on any gov’t or any other person, if you so choose, and Mark Hamilton, through his masterful writings, has laid this path clear for you.

Do not believe those who try to deceive you.   Do not allow innuendo and rumor from the media, or the machinations of a coercive gov’t, to cloud your judgment about the real truths espoused by true Patriots, whether America’s Founding Fathers, or Mark Hamilton.    Do not allow any apparatchik or flunky to persuade you that Individual Freedom, and the exercise of that Freedom, is not the basis of true Freedom guaranteed by America’s founding documents.   Do not besmirch true Patriots, such as Mark Hamilton.   There are precious few Thinking Individuals today who will defend YOUR Rights and Freedoms from Politicians.

Because Thinking Individuals, such as Mark Hamilton, knows his own mind, as America’s Founding Fathers knew theirs’, You must realize that your own inalienable rights are bestowed on you, not by man, nor gov’t, but by Creation.    Celebrate Creation and Life, reject Death and Coercion.


John M


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