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My Journey with Mark Hamilton

My pleasant association with Mark Hamilton and Neothink has passed its two year mark. I am a retired person 71 years of age who has carved out a comfortable retirement from my working life prior to being associated with Neothink.  I have read much of Mark Hamilton’s material and attended many of his meetings. His concepts and teachings are sound. For example, he believes in less government and more individual freedom from regulations so that our progress and lifestyles can improve by leaps and bounds through unhampered and positive creative thinking. I have been pleased to note that he advocates many of the working style self improvements that have been successful for me in my working career. As a second example I note that he advocates learning about everything that is associated with a given working assignment in order for a person to get ahead in his working/career arena. He encourages Value production as in Henry Ford’s original use of the assembly line to manufacture cars. But he teaches that ultimate success lies in Value Creation in order to establish the effect of Value Production and/or rapid lifestyle enhancement.

Neothink is about to launch a political party based on the guidelines of truth, honesty, less government and power of the people. The name of this political party is “The Twelve Visions Party” (TVP). Anyone wanting to be a political candidate supported by the TVP will have to sign a contract of Truth and Honesty in order to have TVP support. This concept of “total honesty”, “less government” and “more freedom” from regulations are definitely some of the things that this country needs to get us back on the right track to prosperity.

In this short testimonial it is not possible for me to list all of the good things that I have learned about what Mark Hamilton and the TVP stand for. It has been very refreshing to me to learn that this individual stands for truth and honesty. I whole heartedly suggest that our citizenry learn what Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the TVP are all about in order to consider voting for TVP candidates.

I am convinced that Mark Hamilton is an exceptionally good man and we need to apply his TVP ideals to our Government in order to help us get out of this rut our Country is in. Less Government means less cost. Less regulation means more progress. More honesty is severely needed in our government.

Thomas A. B


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