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I had something happen today that really open my eyes. I was sitting in the local Starbucks waiting for my niece to come out of the bathroom and I was listening to the group teens sitting at the table next to me they where all about sixteen seventeen years old they where talking about the news. one of them asked the other one why don’t our parents do something when these politicians do not do what they where sent to Washington to do represent our interest. they where mad about whats happening with the banks and the fact that Washington is in bed with wall street was the way one of them put it, When My niece came back from the restroom I asked her if she new any of the kids at that table she told me they where in her english class at that point one of the young men came over and ask Katie my niece hay Katie you remember that new party you where telling us about she said, you mean the 12 step party he told her yeah that’s the one I just turned eighteen and want to register to vote. She told that she had just turned eighteen also and was registering to vote under the same party. At that time I asked him why he wanted to join that party that was when I found out that my sweet young niece who came to live with me nine month ago who was a compulsive lire and in a lot of trouble I gave the three books that Mark wrote and had her read them with in three days I started noticing a big difference in her since than she found her Dad and made up with her mom she is trying to live to the neo-think Ideas and from the looks talking to her class mates about be better people and taking responsibility for your actions. I am very proud of her and with out Marks books I do not think she would have turned around so fast I tank you Mark for giving back that little girl who loved life and was always singing



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