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Mark Hamilton has given me an opportunity to be more of myself and it has become apparent to others around me. Honesty and me always went together and the people around me really appreciate it. Through Neothink that appreciation has translated to my business. My honest nature has been kicked into overdrive and im being greatly rewarded because of it. Im a construction worker who does siding, windows, and trim. I have great skill but skill is not enough in my profession it has to be the total package of skill and honesty. I completed a trim job for one of my customers and he and his wife enjoyed the job as well as my company through the whole process they gave me $500 extra than contracted. That is one heck of a tip. To be my honest self reaps rewards. Also in the exact same neighborhood I did about 5 other houses in siding and trim. One particular homeowner that I never met is giving my number out like crazy without even knowing me or ever meeting me. That particular homeowner just hears from neighbors how honest and hardworking me and my crew are that he helps me in the shadows. Thus another gift of honesty. Doing the right thing all the time has sustained my employ and my wallet while others in the profession are struggling to get through this recession that hits the labor force so hard. Honesty works everytime and I really do appreciate Mark Hamilton and the rest of the Neothink family for helping more and more people to realize there is value in honesty. Thank you for making me even better at who I am.


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