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Dear Mark,
I can’t believe that the government is as stupid as they look, They are always trying to run our lives to benefit themselves and they think that they are doing us a favor, that goes for the religious liars as well, always god this god that, and they are the ones who proclaim to be a saint and they are the biggest crooks just like the government. if you look at my website you will see what we have done, to save peoples lives, that the government will not give us FDA approval because the Drugs companies will loose their ass, they have already shut us down, for helping over 30,000 people at no charge and given the people a second chance on life, cancer free, we are still struggling with trying to move forward. I hate them.
I have read all your books and I’m very happy with the results, I have been struggling for the longest time trying to find my path, and because of the man made religion and the government crap, that they try to brain wash you with it kind of left me in limbo, The books not only made sense but the application are truly amazing, I’m now on my way to the top.
I can now vision myself to the top and the right path, your visions are amazing and in time I shall vision further into the future as well as what i can produce in this life of our to help others and make this a better world. I thank you very much for finding me and giving me and my family this great opportunity. Thank you Mark.
Whatever I can do please feel free to contact me. I hope that all the society members have had the same great results that I’m having, Thank you Mark Hamilton. Frank L     

My words are:  Neothink brought out the little child in me who wanted the adult to play.
In the society today, adults cannot play. They are too busy working at dead end jobs to provide money to just exist, survive. Neothink shows you how to play, at work and enjoy the job of the future now.   With Neothink you learn to play and to survive, by playing. You learn much more in Neothink; but I feel learning to play as adults is a very important aspect that Neothink teaches; and adults forget.  When all people  understand Neothink as I do, they will want to join to   learn, grow, and become rich;
and be able to play as adults.  

Margaret L



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