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Dear Mark Hamilton,
I have been a member of the Neothink Society for over one year.  Both of my parents (who are deceased) were intensely patriotic Americans.  I Mention this because the Twelve Visions Party embodies the core or heart of the principles which created this country.  The freedom of the individual was fundamental for our founding fathers.  Neothink Society not only echoes this important value, it provides the tools to restore
and expand the original intent of the framers of our constitution.  My mother always taught me to “separate the wheat from the chaff”:  The Neothink Society is a viable kernel of a healthy strain of wheat that we will all benefit from nurturing.  The Twelve Visions Party takes the focus off of the divisiveness of minority rights by concentrating on the complete development of the individual.  “Far easier to fight for your rights than to live up to them” (Adlai Stevenson).  For America to remain a vital and viable nation; we need the Neothink Society in our lives.

The trust I have for Mark Hamilton is profound.  He is like an older brother who guides you through the labyrinth of an antiquated and crippled civilization towards a consciousness rooted in awareness.  The Twelve Vision P@rty is based on the essence of truth and reason.  When I began my Neothink journey, I was concerned that my deep spiritual beliefs could be sublimated to a society which is very upfront about their skepticism of religion and politics.  The more I studied the Neothink Society and its values, I realized that not only were my beliefs respected; they are an intrinsic part of the Twelve Vision Party.  Specifically, The Ten Commandments are living and breathing through the basic tenants and intentions of
the Neothink Society.

In deference to the patriotism and love both of my parents instilled in our family for America (“The land of the brave and the free”), I support the Neothink Society.  Wake up “Sleeping Giant” and receive “the dawn’s
early light”.

Gayle G



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