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Another breakthrough moment today!

I just discovered another thing that I LOVE about the Neothink® Society and it’s incredible Business Alliance!

If you had a gift that you had to give to someone else and you had a choice of giving that gift to one of two people, who would you choose:
1) a person who would enjoy your gift a little, but then go about his or her life still stuck in a life of non-productive/non-creative stagnation, or
2) a person who is also making efforts to be a value creator, and who will take your gift and use it to expand his or her value creation.

It’s obvious, you offer your gift to #2! Because your gift is MORE VALUABLE that way! The benefits go out to more and more people! It is SO EXCITING to suddenly find myself surrounded by Neothink® Society Members who are all STRIVING to CREATE VALUES for themselves and others through honest efforts.

When I think of who I want to help the most, it is OBVIOUS who is going to get my best support -> those that are going to DO SOMETHING GOOD WITH IT!

I can see our values growing faster and faster! This is SO EXCITING!

Thank you Mark Hamilton for founding the Neothink Society, for introducing me to so many incredible people! for inspiring me to want to create value – and MORE than is paid for! And for writing the Multigenerational Manuscripts that have fueled this incredible rocket ride into success and friendship and prosperity that I see around me… and more and more everyday!



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