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Last January 2009 I entered the hospital for a operation on my lower back. I walked in and came out several months later in a wheel chair with some paralysis in my arms legs and hands. I am working hard with hopes of one day walking again. My typing never was very fast but even slower now. I set my hands this day to give you my feelings and a gratitude I cannot put into words. You gave me a reason to live again. I am 75 years old and have been down a lot of roads and dead end streets. When I read in The prime literature about the AC it took no convincing on my part. I have lived it in my own life. At every level in our society of religion and politics, it’s broken. People living off the productivity of others. They are very clever in building illusions why they are needed and must
be followed for the public good. I have read all three large heirloom books and other Neothink books and literature. I value the information contained therein as priceless gems for myself, my family and dear friends. I want to thank you my Beloved mentor Mark Hamilton for making this information available to me and for your life’s work in protecting and enhancing it. Deepest Love and Gratitude.
Leonard D


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