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Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society reached me at a crucial time in my life. I had gone through some pretty tough times up until then, with failed relationships, financial troubles, and depression. Mark Hamilton’s first letter reached my mailbox at just the right time.
Organized religion was doing nothing for me. Instead of sending me the positive message of love that was meant for us, there were fat cat neocheaters pounding their pulpits telling me just how worthless I was. To top it all off, after making me feel lower than I felt before I walked into their buildings, they begged me for my money at the end of it all! How dishonest is that?!
Our government was doing my family and me no favors, either. That was during the “stimulus check” (so-called tax rebate) time. By the government’s simple calculations, I was a single parent with two dependent children and a good paying job. I should have been handed a fat check for $900. Instead, I was penalized. According the fine print (they always get you with the fine print), I made too much money. So, they deducted percentages for that. Second, my son was 17 years old (and in high school); therefore, he was not considered a dependent child under their guidelines. So, I was “stimulated” to the tune of about $130, while lazy, dishonest government dependent zombies were getting full checks! Since that time, it’s only gotten more dishonest and hypocritical.
Shortly after Mark Hamilton’s first letter, I was reading my first Neothink® Society text. I knew I was stepping out on a limb, but WOW!! It was an eye-opener. It opened my eyes to the farce that is organized religion. I realized I didn’t need someone to scream and yell at me to know what was good and right for me. I knew it all along! I didn’t need some talking head with a “D” or “R” attached to the end of his name to tell me what was right or wrong with our Great Nation. I knew it all along!! I realized how churches and governments have been ruling mankind for centuries through false guilt, contrived fear, and brute force, often hand-in-hand.
My life has improved drastically since my introduction to Neothink®. I no longer believe in the lies set before me by government officials from either of the major political parties. I know that their real job is to keep us divided with hot-button, polarizing issues, while they keep lining their pockets and exercising their dishonest power for personal gain. I no longer submit to the will of false speaking religious leaders. I, instead, listen to my own conscience, with the full knowledge of right and wrong that I was born with.
Neothink® is not atheism, as religious leaders would have you think. It is SEEING through to what is real and claiming responsibility for your own actions. Neothink® is not anarchy, as government leaders would have you think. It is self-governance and doing what is right all of the time, without loopholes and dodges. It is the death knell of petty bureaucracy and political fiefdoms. It is seeing and defying false external authority in your life.
The Twelve Visions Party is coming! Are sick of the status quo? Do you want honesty from your elected officials? Do you want accountability? Do you want your government to stop spending us all into the poor house? Then TVP is for you! TVP candidates will be people who understand and live Neothink®. They will be men and women of honor who do what is right. They will be honest in their words and actions. They will not seek office to “lead” you. They will seek office to work with you and for you to bring us out of this anti-civilization we now live in.
Lloyd W


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