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Dear Mark;
Thank you for your life changing literature and everything that you stand for with Neothink. IIt has been life changing for me.Joe-NewYork
I am thankful for the gifts of knowledge I have gained thru Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party. I have discovered the power within me that has laid dormant all my life. I am a Self Leader, responsible for everything I have and everything I have become.
Through Mark Hamilton and Neothink I have come to realize that true happiness begins when one accept the fact that everything, good and bad you have in your life is there because you have asked for it. I have become a Self Leader though my apprenticeship with The Neothink Society. I am very thankful that I was approached by The Neothink Society!
I believe the only way to return to the base principles that this great country was founded on and to grow toward a real future full of promise is with The Twelve Visions Party. It is obvious that what was intended has been perverted by those in power and elected office now. It is time for us all to have self responsibility, and less government involvement and control of our daily lives and activities!
The purpose of life is to live happily. The purpose of government is to provide that condition. No initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property or contract. This means Freedom For All! Not just a minority. No more government interference in anything other than protection.
Thank you Mark so very much for thinking enough of me to invite me into The Neothink Society and the mentoring over the years! I look forward to the Twelve Visions Party getting this country back to its intended principals brought by the founding fathers!
Rick B


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