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My Dear Mr. Hamilton. I just needed to write this because I know your there and you have listened. The Neothink Family and it’ readings came to me when I thought, all the years of my adult life (37 years) I’ve worked, volunteered gave to the less fortunate, stopped and cared for some one other than my self. I considered myself a person of value. I did not have much myself, but I figured that someone may of had less. This year 2009 In a four month period I was told I had Cancer and needed to have surgery. That I did. I had to return to work before my recovery, because my job denied my disability….14 )years on this job now. 4 weeks back at work I was fired after surgery not because I wasn’t a valued employee but because someone did not want me there. They got the I’s and T’s dotted on any and everything they saw fit…I filed unemployment that too was denied. The anger and hurt was so deep to how can they just do this, I’ve work all my life. I say all this to you because I receive the Miss Annabelle’ story It was like the night listen to my cries.
I was in a bad place within myself. Am I a citizen or just a counted number. I see why we age. Age is not a sickness or decease part of our soul, It’s when we have come to height of life and then told it wasn’t good enough. The soul and spirit just snatched out of the body and just the aged form of what was stands. Death just waiting to happen. .Miss Annabelle’s Story allowed me to Cry and cry really hard, because I know a change is coming. A change that will let me be proud of myself. Just because I am that I am ( valuable and worthy).
Thank You


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