More TVP

One that we all can believe in!
Because we ain’t going to get from anyone presently in While House or any other house…congress included; unless it is thru the neothink method of change. As in the complete de-politicalization of America; and then the world!
Used to be that the definition of politics…was ’the art of compromise’…it has now become ‘the art of hypocrisy’! Career politicians are the bane of civilization. Moreover, they as well the elite media have the agenda of disassembling the truth…as they see it!
I say this because I have always followed the political news in attempt to understand the process as it was evolving. After all, it affects us all as tax paying citizens to see how our government is functioning.
Only it isn’t functioning much…and not evolving…for the political system in our country is broken; and frankly dangerous to any freethinking citizen!
I can see this now…thru my Neothink eyes…and the way we must go…that is the complete depoliticalization of America!
In order words really ‘throw out the bums!’…
But it will be only thru Mark Hamilton and his visionary TVP that we can move past this sorry state of affairs in our country. Away from politics as usual and towards a more humane and rational type of government!
One that is based on Rule of Law…and not all the special interest; and the current powers that be!
Mark Hamilton and his Neothink/TVP…bridges that gap…in wide scope vision of Neothought!


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