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“Make all the people Rich including the Poor.” These words captivated my attention. Why? Well, it would make sense if I explained who I am and where I came from.
I was like any average, young boy growing up in a split household, always thinking and contemplating life. I grew up in a very religious household, at the age of six and started giving discourses in my church by enrolling in a “Theocratic Ministry School” at eight years old.
Anyway, my family life wasn’t great, and my personal way I was able to create my own world was integrating scripture and text into my life. Through this process, I realized how hypocrisy in church, politics, even in my own family was prevalent, and unfortunate. I broke away from all of this influence at 17, eleven years later, got married at 21, divorced at 22, and spent the next two years discovering why nothing in my life was working…or so it seemed.
At 24, I left everything behind – all of my material possessions, and all of my family and friends – behind where I was living in Oregon. I moved all the way across the country to New York with only two suitcases of luggage, very sure that answers to life, love, and happiness was going to find me some how, some way…I KNEW IT for some interesting reason.
Through cause and effect, I met an individual who brought me into the society and showed me how to start receiving this life changing information from Mark Hamilton. I did and now I have found what I’ve been looking for my entire life. Now everything seems to be just “working out” for me.
But I had to realize that I was directing everything in my own life, I am 100% responsible for myself. With this thought, I now know how to direct my life independent from any illusions or promulgated propaganda in the media or with social groups who try to destroy values. Instead, now I create values.
I would have been homeless, I would have been distraught, I would have been unhappy…or would have I? All I know is I made a decision, and now have been given many lucrative opportunities, brought into various good “social groups” who are like-minded, networking associations with eclectic and successful people within society, and I know what the future holds…as if I almost can predict the future. What power Mark Hamilton’s literature possesses, and what power you and I can discover for ourselves that we have! A human being is the most important thing in this Universe. And how I have realized the hope it brings to people locally and all over the world!
Thank you Mark Hamilton! Love & Peace to everyone!!!


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