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I’ve been in this society for about 3 years and studied the material a year before that. Since then I have made new friends through the internet and have met some in person. The internet is a popular way that brings people together as well as cause failure in some relationships. I will say right here and now that this society has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. Before I joined this society I searched the web for info on it and I found a lot of negative comments about it. I pursued it anyway and now after 3 years I know that all those negative comments are down right wrong. The men who authored the reading material have created a great value to the world. The info given by these men only proves correct how the world thinks and listens to the wrong accusations of those that want to keep the world dumb down to control the masses.
The Neothink Society provides insightful information on how the masses are controlled by elite rulers. Rulers who control the money…the oil…the food…all that we need for survival as a human race. They do this by governing the masses and making laws that oppress people to think they need some special ruler to tell them how to live. The Neothink Society makes you aware that you only need yourself to succeed in life and through honesty you can “just get along” as the saying goes…But it is more than that…the society teaches you how to know, or figure out, your true talent and use it to create a value to others.
No…I don’t buy the governing ways of rulers and religion. I know I’m an honest man and I know I treat other humans equally. I know Jesus was trying to teach the world of his day the right way to think yet the rulers of that day and throughout history have misled his teachings…just so they can control and usurp the masses and the value they create. Don’t you think it’s time to broaden your awareness of the same and be who you are like Jesus was teaching?
Thanks for reading this…my name is Denny D…just ask me anything you want and I will tell you truth.


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