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Let Me first start by saying,” I don’t know what anyone else wrote. I did not look at their testimonials. This is a true story about My journey into becoming the man that I am supposed to be! I will omit the names of My Parents and where I was born in order to protect their privacy!
I will also leave out any clue to that of My identity other than that of My first name! This is “My Story”!
I’m 36yrs old and I walked and learned differently then most people that I knew at the time! I grow up with both Parents and was the younger of two children! My Parents were both hard working providers and
did everything they could to provide for their family both Financially, and physically to give My Sister and Me better than they had when growing up! Although I do appreciate growing up the way that I did, I always felt alone and detached from the world around Me! Why, You ask? Because I had a special gift from the time I was born to see things from a different perspective than the world that I knew. I would often asked questions from adults around Me always wondering if anyone “Out There” understood what I was feeling or thinking! No sound advice or well
intended thoughts eased My restless mind at that point in time. I felt more confused and separated then ever. Kind strangers would say “Your special I can see it in Your eyes”! At first it sounded cool! Then I thought, oh great “special equals different” I’ll never belong now. I felt as-if I never would! I felt more Isolated. I began to say less and turn
inward! As I grow older My Mother and Teachers grow more concerned and they tried together to diagnose “The Problems”! “He’s a daydreamer, highly intelligent He just doesn’t apply Himself”! “He’s hyperactive, let him join sports and burn off his energy”!” Maybe let him speak to a councilor”. I never revealed all that I was thinking out of fear that they would take Me away or (DISSECT) Me!” I Just wanted to belong!” I wanted to Just fit in”! I said to myself with no chagrin! As time went by and I got older I was more difficult to handle. I began trying to do more things to fit in with the other children and kids in my class- room! Unfortunately I began lying to My Parents, Teachers, and Guidance Councilors as-well-as classmates telling them what I knew they wanted to hear, just to be accepted or left alone. Or I lied to My Parents so to get out of trouble e.g.(punishment, groundings, spankings). I was accused of “Buying Friends” with my lies by some kids and that Was True, something I regretted and My apology was not accepted by One or two kids, but I felt I was young and well liked enough that most of my classmates forgave me and forgot about it and they did to My joy. But lying to get out of trouble became like second nature for Me. I saw that
it was very useful so it would seemed. Besides most people don’t like the harsh truth so for Me it was just easier not to tell them. I justified. As I grew older and my “hyperactivity” grew I began being more disruptive in classrooms and was being sent to the Principals office, resulting in Parent/Teacher conferences which drove My Parents crazy! My Father would often say to Me “I don’t know what makes you tick”! Why can’t You be more
like Your older Sister? The fore-mentioned (DISSECTION) fears started churning in My mind! At the time in the early 1970’s A.D.H.D was not classified! So no one knew that what I ate in the lunch room before classes caused me to be more wired and unfocused! My Mother discovered later in a book about poor eating habits and that what I ate affected My focus but that wasn’t documented until the late 1980’s later in My mid- teens. For now I’m about 8 to 11 years of age. At this point and time I’m learning more about the religion that I grow up in.(Each of My Parents
was raised with different beliefs/religion)!I would attend religious school and when the Elder Spiritual Guide asked questions to all of Us children only I knew the answers to the more difficult questions to everyone’s amazement, including some Parents and other adults that they themselves had no answer to. I was spending sometime with Relatives and two of them pulled Me aside and revealed in private that both of My parents were concerned and or frustrated with My erratic behavior and mood swings. And these Relatives asked a simple question to Me and it was the right question to ask. I for the first time spoke of personal truth! They then revealed to Me to My amazement, that They too had been Born with special abilities that was similar to My own. Three relatives
besides Me had experienced special gifts/or ability all unique to each of Us since our conception! It was passed down throughout Generations. I being the first and only male with these abilities. I was so excited for
the first time in almost a decade that Somebody finally Understands! I was told that I had great power and a very strong level of these gifts with no equal. They said they recognized these gifts immediately since I
was an infant. They did not reveal that information in order for Me to not be influenced in one way or another so I could walk My own path of discovery. They just encouraged My Parents to be more patient and not
give up on Me. My relatives advised when asked but for the most part they tried to let Me have “free will” to grow into the person that I was meant to. I nor did they fully understand all that was going on with these
gifts of Ours. Eventually I surpassed My Relatives in understanding, and the power level of My gifts grew even stronger. So I once again was lost and without answers. Now I’m in My late teens and Early twenties. It
wasn’t until another decade Before I had been discovered by a person Claiming to Know what was going on in My life and knew about My gifts! That person was Mark Hamilton and He right away explained what I call, Up Front Truth, the why/how dynamic of how things in life work. Mark Hamilton’s information intrigued Me into searching and discovering that this information that he was providing was true. Mark Hamilton told Me that He would be if I let Him, shockingly truthful about everything He had to say.I was so used to decades of lying and or stretching the truth Myself that this Up Front Truth was a foreign concept to Me and at first I was skeptical. Mark Hamilton taught Me and is Still teaching, Me to apply a full Up Front Truth (which Mark Hamilton calls “Integrated Honesty”) to everything that I do in life. When I Apply this teaching to everything that I do I feel a releasing of decades of Bondage and Misconceptions that I had about Myself and the World That We live In! I will forever continually be Grateful to His patience and Mentoring In many more years to come and eventually to my future children!
Thank You
Mark Hamilton for Finding Me 5 yrs ago! This Is “My Story”! What’s Yours?


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