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I would like to say a few words about Mark Hamilton, as I understand him. I was introduced to Mark Hamilton through his literature in late 2005, early 2006. Later I was invited to participate in his mentor/apprentice series in early 2007. This involved online business meetings on a monthly basis to learn his principles in business, as well as other areas of life. He interacted through email communication, as well as question/answer format during the business meetings.
I am a very cautious person when it comes to learning about, interacting with, and trusting people I am not familiar with, especially over the internet. As, I have observed Mark Hamilton through his literature, emails, and video presentations, I have observed a man who is a great thinker, non-judgmental, slow to anger, patient, encouraging, and empowering of others. He is cautious in some ways, as well. He thinks long and hard before taking action.
He is not afraid to take risks or admit when he needs to rethink a situation before moving forward. He is willing to risk a great deal when it comes to offering his years of integrated thinking and wisdom to the public and especially to a political party. Politics is a dangerous area in this world. However, it is one that needs significant change and I believe Mr. Hamilton’s political party holds great promise in a world full of empty promises and unethical behavior in the political arenas. I for one am disappointed in our political system. It started as something good to protect Americans and has become a career for polished power hungry people. I am hopeful that the Twelve Visions Party will be something much more productive and prosperous for all Americans.


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