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This idea keeps coming up in my mind: Honest leadership is really all about inspiring others with a vision of how things could be, and building that vision so that others can FEEL the emotions of that vision and can see how that vision can come true.
Mark Hamilton has done this with his multigenerational manuscripts. Interwoven with the vision and the context that demonstrates how the vision will almost certainly come to pass, there are personal advantages that can be used immediately by any reader.
The more I think about it, the more of a genius Mark Hamilton appears to me. How do you motivate people to educate themselves about wide sweeping political ideologies? You interweave that education with tools to help anyone here and now to create the personal life they dream of living – and show how this personal life connects up with the larger vision.
I have already started using this principle in my own marketing – providing immediate life-lifting values, while at the same time providing a step into the larger vision of a future worth creating. My customers win in three ways – by gaining immediate advantages, by seeing the larger vision they are able to plan their own value creations into the future increasing their long range profitability, and by accelerating the scrubbing action that will clean sweep this world in the next few years – bring life lifting values to everyone.
It is hard to imagine the incredible GOODNESS of what Mark Hamilton has created with the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink® Society. Everyone who gets involved now will be ahead of the game as things continue to unfold. Everyone that gets involved gains immediate advantages that accelerate the expansion.
When I see more and more people picking up and running with the Vision that Mark Hamilton has set before us, I can see the future unfolding before my eyes. It really is unavoidable. Whether or not you step up, your life will be wonderfully benefited by Mark Hamilton, The Neothink® Society, and The Twelve Visions Party.
Yon Cole


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