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Thank you for your time and please read on: Mark Hamilton is a brilliant writer and I must say, a brilliant clairvoyant also. He has taken his time and opened my imagination to the possibilities of the entire universe and if you can fathom it with your ingenious mind, the existing universes also. He has opened my mind to the possibilities of other political parties out there especially the twelve visions party. First of all, let us start with the neo-think society of which I am a part of , since I am ahead of myself. The neo-think society is comprised of many brilliant, wealthy, members of societies from around the world. We think of helping mankind and his future on this planet in the highest of all regards. If you join the neo- tech society, you will find wonders of camaraderie, wealth, futuristic thinking from folks of all walks of life, such as brilliant scientists, actors, and all other wonderful folks from around the globe.
Mark Hamilton formed the twelve visions party and it offers many different aspects of uniting the world, and among other great aspects of serving mankind, starting with the American people-moving forward into the future beginning with the speeding up of this century’s technological revolution without any government’s suppression. The twelve visions party offers many aspects of movements to uplift us all from centuries of suppression.
So, I am asking you all out there, please continue to read the blogs about Mark Hamilton, the neo-think society, and of showing interest in the twelve visions party and all it has to offer as opposed to this stagnant political world.
Faithfully yours, Krishna T


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