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Wow! What can I say and where do I start? At the age of 47 I was introduced to Neothink. At first I thought it was just another avenue for someone to get rich off of my money. However, something about what Mark Hamilton aroused my curiosity. So I researched and eventually went full force into Neothink. I am so glad I did. I have begun to embrace the truth I see in what has been presented to me. Because I have been learning about my Friday Night Essence I am finally beginning to love and accept my uniqueness. The mini days have been teaching me how to be more focused and to accomplish more. I am becoming that special, talented and wonderful person I am today. My many thanks go out to Neothink and Mark Hamilton. I finally feel like I belong and I have a family that loves me and appreciates me. Neothink and Mark Hamilton are awesome and all I can say is I am blessed to be part of this family! Regina M.E


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