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When I was still young, I thought that the only way to become successful is to get a degree, pass the board examination, get a job in the government, and strive to get a promotion towards a higher position in the same government job. Also, I thought that to become happy all I have to do is get married, have kids, more sex, and enjoy the company of friends in indulging with alcohol and tobacco consumption. In spite of all those things having been achieved by me, I still feel some emptiness within myself. So, I kept searching and asking the question of “what happiness is and how I can achieve it.” My gut feeling tells me that success is just a part of happiness.
I applied for a job in Saudi Arabia as a Power Plant Operator with Saudi Consolidated Electric Company. During my first year, a mild depression strikes and I decided to just finish my two year contract. Fortunately, a friend and a co-worker of mine tried to help me overcome such depression by lending a book he just finished reading titled “University of Success” by Og Mandino. I learned a lot from the book. I learned that our ultimate goal in life is to be happy and that happiness is of two types: human and animal. It teaches us how to develop our Sense of Being, Sense of Meaning, Sense of Belonging, Sense of Growing, and Sense of Giving. Such knowledge helped me to begin to understand who and what I am.
My curiosity drove me to keep searching until that day when I received a letter from the Neothink Society offering some books that can farther my knowledge-base about life, success, wealth, health, and happiness. After reading all the Neothink books I have acquired, a new perspective, new psychology, and new way of thinking sets into my conscious mind regarding life, love, health, wealth, and happiness!
Thanks to Mark Hamilton, my mentor, and the Neothink Society for all the positive changes that happened in my life. The most obvious change that occurred within me is the shift from a criminal-minded to a business-minded self.
Knowing about the existence of my “child of the past” within me, I started digging deeper into my conscious and subconscious minds in order to discover the person I was meant to be and the life I was meant to live! I know now that I am a mind with a body and a spiritual being having human experiences, not the other way around.
My search is now focused on how to activate my mental powers by integrating Neothink knowledge with the knowledge from other books authored by Neil Slade that discusses the triune brain, other brain parts, and its functions specially the AMYGDALA and the FRONTAL LOBES.
May I recommend that all members of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) to go visit Neil Slade’s website at and learn how to make use of the triune brain effectively. Neil Slade is a student of T.D.A. Lingo, a brain researcher, Director, and founder of The Dormant Brain Research Laboratory, Colorado.
To your creative power and earned success,
Peter M


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