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As I stood and held my granddaughter today my mind wandered down the many roads that lead into a distant future. It was mothers day and a proud grandpa held this precious little life form protectively cradled in his arms as his daughter, a proud and loving mother looked on.
On those roads of the many tomorrows, I saw, not only trials and tests for little Elizabeth, but many successes and great happiness as well. This was a road well traveled, the footsteps of many a weary but optimistic traveler pushing ever forward with hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow.
For many, there was no solid picture of what that future could be for them, but for a few, it was clear and easy to see. The future would be of their own making and design and the numbers of the few were growing…
As I myself have joined the ranks of those few, I knew suddenly how important I was to this young life. She too must be a part of the same group of visionaries that would never let the illusions cast before the masses blind her vision of the truth and reality. I knew too that she would be one of the growing numbers whose clarity of vision would far exceed my own.
The very thought of this gave me such great joy I felt as if I was swept up into a land of perfection, a land wherein dwelt a happy, wealthy, prosperous people whose love for one another was unequaled anywhere. This was the Twelve Visions World, the world of our own making and creation.
Once again I find myself up on the High Lonesome. But something is different this time. This time I do not look out upon the world. This time I close my eyes and look deep within….
I have come to know, at last, who and what I am. Many questions have remained unanswered for so very long but now many have been answered for I am a seeker, a searcher. I always have been and I always will be. Always have I gazed out to the far places. Always have I sought the dream in a distant realm.
Now I see the answers but they are not in the misty faraway lands as I once thought. No, they are within myself. I have come to see that the farthest place is most likely right within us all. So it is with me for I am a seeker. I am a searcher.
What I found there is far more glorious than the 7 wonders of the world. What I found there is far more vast and unending than the unfolding universe for it is as if infinity itself resides within me….
What I found was something that needed to be free. Something that yearned for the freedom to grow and become what it was meant to become. My conscious mind was awakening . I was becoming one with it.
The joining was one of immense wonder , extreme pleasure, and a calmness settled upon me .I felt a profound sense of peace and understanding of all that surrounded me and I knew then that it was but the beginning, the first step of many, into the world of reality, the world as it was meant to be.
Many times before I had seen the things that were not right, that did not fit, and yet there they were. They should not have been there but they were and they persisted in remaining there to block the progress of the harmony that fights so hard to balance all things in existence.
The constant battle of our perceptions versus reality; what is, ego versus the rational conscious mind, locked in what seemed to be an eternal conflict, unending…
Such was the illusion yet so strong was it that it seemed to be made of the stuff of what is real. So well crafted was it that so many were blind to what really is.
But on the other side of this mystical abomination was the picture of the perfect fit of this world , this existence, into an expanding universe and in the struggle to achieve harmony with what is. With a brief thought I swept away the cobwebs of the crafted lies and saw….myself , and I understood then how I was meant to fit into the whole of existence.
I opened my eyes and beheld a world that had never existed in time or space. It had always been a thing of dreams and wishful thinking. It was a world in perfect balance and harmony and all who dwelt there were at peace.
Many minds had come together to bring forth this paradise. Much work had gone into laying the foundation and cornerstones in such perfection and precision that surely it would stand forever. I had helped to create this new world and I was a part of it.
Gone and almost forgotten now were the dark days of mysticism that had had its way with us all for so very long. Gone were those few, who held in sway and captivity, the many. Free were the minds that had awakened to the light that shines forever, the light that shines from within.
Most had all but forgotten those days gone by but some of us had not. We were the vigilant ones. We would remember so that they would never be upon us again. We would forever be on the lookout for the re-emergence of mysticism and send it back to the shadows before it could once more claim us.
We are all seekers. We are all searchers. We have at last found the common dream of the great minds of those who stand beside us. We build the Twelve Visions World and let that light shine forth far and wide so that those still distant, still searching, will see the brightness…and come home.
Bless you all my brothers and sisters, each and everyone of you.
Today as I sat up on the High Lonesome I closed my eyes, cleared my mind , and set forth on my travels once again.
I walked today through the streets of the cities and saw all around me the defeated spirit of humanity. The lonely, the broken spirited, the dejected, the downtrodden, the hopeless and as I walked I asked “why God, Why?”
I saw the drunks in the bars and the drug addicts in the alleyways chained to their addictions. Their blank stares and their frenzied expressions mirrored the fear and hopelessness in their souls and again I asked “Why God ? Why?”
I saw the pimps and the prostitutes hustling their temporary “fix”– the illusion of love, and the desperate need in the faces of all who did commerce with them. I saw the homeless staring out at the world as it raced by without them, cold and uncaring. I saw their dreams withered and dying, their hopes crushed by the horde of humanity too entranced with their own pursuits to even notice let alone , to care. I looked up to the heavens and asked “Why God? Why?
I saw the muggers , the rapists, the abusers, the ravagers, the murderers, deeply entrenched in their dark world, devoid of any compassion, feeding on the helpless. I saw cruelty and a meanness of the human spirit as it preyed upon the weak and dejected. I turned away in disgust and cried out in anger “Why God? Why?”
I saw then the kingdoms of the world at war with one another, the leaders of these mighty kingdoms making impossible, irrational decisions and expending the lives so carelessly of their citizens, like so much cannon fodder, all for king and country!
I saw the battlefields choked with the dead bodies and the screams of agony from the dying. The horrible carnage all around, the waste of lives so precious. And far away from the battlefront, encastled in safety, I saw the dark shadowy figures in conclave devising more ways to rend and tear, rack and torture the human body and forever enslave the human spirit. Choking in terror I turned away and cried out “Why God? Why?”
I stumbled away only to find mass graves filled with entire races exterminated for their beliefs. Entire cities razed and leveled to the ground, a dark pall of smoke and the stench of death hovering over it all. Again I saw, far away in safety, the architects of all these evils and horrors living in decadent luxury from the profits of their evil deeds, dancing, laughing, celebrating at all of the misery and sorrow they had caused. There was no place on the face of the earth that they had not touched and infected with their filth, their evil, their touch of death and despair.
I turned and ran. I ran as far as I could seeking a place of safety, some remaining place yet untouched by all I had seen, some sanctuary from the hells I had witnessed. But there seemed to be none. Exhausted, I stumbled and fell to my knees, gasping for breath, sobbing at the memory of all that I had seen. The awful, horrifying sights I had seen played back across my vision like some insane movie that would not end.
My body was trembling with pain. Sorrow brought tears that filled my eyes blurring the awful things I had witnessed. I turned my faced upwards once again to the heavens and shaking my fist I cried out with every ounce of my remaining strength; “Why God Why? Why do you allow this to happen? Why do you let us suffer so? How can you allow men to continue to hate, persecute, to torture, to maim, to abuse and murder others with no sense of guilt or shame? How can you continue to let these evil ones to go unpunished? How can you let the weak and innocent be victimized over and over again? Will you not punish those who commit these sickening acts of depravity? Are we not created in your own image? Are you not a loving father of compassion? of mercy? Why does all of this horror continue , on and on over and over endlessly? WHY GOD WHY?
I sank down once more and bowed my head in fear and I awaited his rebuke. The world grew silent around me. An awful calm settled upon me. I seemed poised at the edge of a precipice that was dark and bottomless and if I even breathed I would plunge into the darkness forever. My eyes were closed tightly as I waited. There was only silence. An eternity of silence…
Then I felt something stirring from deep within me. Something was awakening. A soft feeling of warmth began to spread through me. The pain in my body lessened, the turmoil of my spirit subsided. I lifted my face once more and felt the warm sun caress my face. My thoughts cleared and my heart was calm once again . Then I saw the answer. It was clear. It was unmistakable and it was simple. The answer had come from within me! Not any external source. The answer was simply “Why man? Why?”
All of these awful things are of our own making just as the beauty that still survives in this world is. When we point the finger of blame we must not forget to include ourselves. Man , and man alone is responsible for man’s inhumanity to man. and only man has the responsibility, the capability, and the power to set things right. Yes we have all of that but one more thing is needed and that is the willingness to set things right.
That is our purpose here in our society. We see through the illusions, we see the reality of what is , and we have the willingness and the strength and the vision to go forward and set things right! Our conscious minds are awake and growing stronger minute by minute, day by day and there is no limit to what we can accomplish!
So dry your tears, set aside your fears, roll up your sleeves, and join in this mighty endeavor to free all mankind from the bonds of slavery. A life of happiness, prosperity, freedom, health, safety and creation awaits us all to pursue and attain as we set our feet upon the path of our natural and true direction
Rik F


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