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Dear Mark Hamilton,
Thank you for your literature on the new way of thinking about management and leadership. Your second heirloom package is a wonderful detailed exposition on how to be successful in today’s competitive society. Since then I have read Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success”. I don’t know how I missed that book right after finishing the University in 1956. But you heirloom package takes Hill’s ideas the next step and is a breakthrough in the understanding of how this world really works.
Also, the Annabelle story is very significant to me in the way she is able to keep curiosity alive in a person for a lifetime. My mother was an elementary school teacher. She always like to observe even way past retirement how inquisitive young people are about the world around them. In this way she was similar to Annabelle. The Annabelle story reflects on how our educational institutions may be so improved that one’s curiosity may never be squelched but developed to the point of making breakthroughs in solving the problems of living in this world.
Thank you,

Eugene D.


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