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I have just finished a conference call with my a team and we were discussing the extremely difficult requirements that California has to register a new party and to get on the ballot. Our TVP representative brought up the fact that other states were much more lenient than others to achieve these two things.
I have been thinking hard on this for several days now and, as it is something that has always bothered me, it really hit home with the information in your last email to me. So I asked the group Why is it so difficult? Who has put these things into place to make it so difficult and by whose or what authority?
We know the answer to the Why question from the information we have learned from the manuscripts. It’s simple; so they can hold onto their power by minimizing the competition.
I asked the TVP representative to look into the other two questions because I feel that this needs to be questioned by every voter.
You see, every voter has the right and privilege to vote for whomever they choose in America, as we both well know, but, the choices are only on the ballot or as a write-in. By impeding a candidate’s ability to be known by the voters by being on the ballot is fraudulent, pure and simple. People should be outraged by this. Everyone always complains about the limited choices we have for candidates.
I think this needs to be challenged. I want to know who gave them the right to impose such exaggerated processes to be put into place. I want them to prove to me that these things are morally and ethically proper. I do not think that they can but it would sure keep them off balance for a bit if the cry for this kind of accountability was aimed at them, and maintained by an ever-growing voice , both in numbers and volume.
This might keep at least some of the focus off of you while they juggle to keep their balance. This is just one idea but we could be using the tactics that they use on us to distract us from what they are really doing. White Hat neo-cheating? Mark, I think we also need to be on the offensive with these clowns as well as on the defensive. I’m reasonably certain that you have some ideas and plans on this as well so I wanted to make a small contribution in this direction.
On another note, I am working on a new testimonial to add to the other 2. I don’t know if the other 2 are to be used , but I wanted to continue the theme set there in them. Please let me know as it has a huge bearing on how I write it.
Thank you for listening.
Have a good evening,


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