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I, Trygve; declare in front of all and everyone that Mark Hamilton; the Author and publisher of the Neothink volumes is bound to go down in history as one of this countries great men. His keen and insightful
authorship has given this society here and now a tremendous hope for the future and if enough people read and understood
the message in these great texts society will change according to everyone’s dreams.
Just following and implementing the steps ligned out in these volumes, that is now available in 12 smaller books (The total work is more than 3000 pages) will change a persons life, give him or her a boost towards making their lives prosperous and happy.
The whole chronicle of Miss Anna Belle’s Secret is the most intriguing, capturing and heartfelt book I think I have ever read. It is a story of a most caring individual that against all odds through her passion to teach children and preparing a whole class of 3rd graders for their future life to be capable, industrious and prosperous pillars of society; and thus setting stellar examples of what man can accomplish in the true spirit of creativity and leadership. It is a wondrous piece of authorship and a tremendous inspiration for anyone that is ready to change their lives into something full of accomplishment.
I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Mark Hamilton personally. His warmth and heartfelt concern for his fellow human beings is of a rare kind. Heartfelt thanks for your contributions to make this a better place live.

Always Yours; Trygve


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