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My name is Dan C. I am the CEO of Cates Sheet Metal Industries in Kansas City. I am an apprentice of Mark Hamilton and I have read thousands of pages of text, sometimes over and over, but I am now assured that the Twelve Vision Party is the only way that America can survive. I was reading a document and I was hit extremely hard by some of the questions that were asked. The question that hit me the hardest was that we are in a “war of two worlds” and did I think that the Muslims had already won the war after 9/11? The explanation that was presented was that one and one half billion Muslims think that they won. After reading this I did other research and to my dismay I found that in Europe 90% of all the immigration is Muslim. By 2025, one out of every five people will be Muslim. In less than 39 years France will be a Muslim Country with nuclear power; Germany will be Muslim by 2050. Currently, one out of every five people in Russia is a Muslim and 40% of the Russian Army is Muslim. By 2025, one out of every three children born in Europe will be Muslim. Today there are 52,000,000 Muslims in Europe and that will double in less than ten years. In the USA, there were 900,000 Muslims in 1970 and today there are 9,000,000 and growing. The really scary situation is that our President is probably still a Muslim at heart, and has shown huge tendencies towards Socialism and Fascism. It is clear to me that Liberalism/Conservatism is a culture of the past and cannot deal with the changing world. The only way out of our near future problem (destruction) is the Twelve Vision Party, Mark Hamilton and Neo-think. The platform of the Twelve Vision Party cannot be argued with and even the Muslims cannot deal with “new thinking”. It is not left wing or right wing; it’s direction is totally for the people (rich and poor), not the government. The twelve vision party is the only answer to the destructive forces that want larger government, more taxation, and total control of our lives and our children’s lives in the future.
Sincerely – Dan C


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