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My name is Dan C. I am the CEO of Cates Sheet Metal Industries. I am an apprentice of Mark Hamilton and I have read thousands of pages of text, sometimes over and over, but I am now assured that the Twelve Vision Party is the only way that America will survive. The culmination of my decision came from the writings of his father Mark Hamilton. It hit me very hard to think that the Muslims may have already won the “War of Two Worlds” as explained by Mark Hamilton. This book made me research the Muslim Religion and I was amazed at what I found. In Europe 90% of all the immigration is Islamic. By 2025, one out of every five will be a Muslim. In 39 years France will be a Muslim Country with nuclear power. Currently one out of every five people in Russia are Muslim and 40% of the army is Muslim. By 2025 one out of every three children born in Europe will be Muslim. Today there are 52,000,000 Muslims in Europe, that will double in less than ten years. In the USA, there were 900,000 Muslims in 1970 and today there are 9,000,000 and growing. The really scary situation is that our President is probably Muslim, let alone a Socialist. It is clear to me that Conservatism/Liberalism is a thing of the past and the only answer is Neo-think/Neothink. This is the basis of the Twelve Vision Party and it cannot be argued with. It is a new way of thinking and a new way of technology that will propel us ahead of all opposition that wants to destroy us. The Twelve Vision Party is the only path that America can take.
Dan C.


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