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Hello Mark…. and thank you for inviting me into the Neothink society….. I have not been in the society very long, but the biggest thing that I have noticed is the way I look at numbers at Work…. I have worked for General Motors for 26 years in many different capacity’s….. Politics have crushed most of the good Jobs I have had…. but now with my seniority I can hold a pretty good Job…. I am now a machinist in a hi tech department working with hi tech computerized machines and robots where I am responsible for machining transmission cases and valve body’s…. and what I have noticed is the numbers and how I usually make production faster than anyone else and plus I look at things at more of company standpoint…. and why the company would do this or that….
I look forward to getting more involved in Neothink…. and getting involved in the political side of Neothink in my area and also intend to find out more about local chapter meetings also….
I am a level 3 apprentice and I cannot wait until I have my next session with Mark Hamilton…. Plus I plan to join there web site in the near future to find out what other Members I doing in there states…..
and I am going to order a Seminar on cd disc so I can listen to Neothink in my Vehicle on the way to work…..
In closing I know Neothink is for me….
thank you again for choosing me to become a member and change my life the way I always wanted now and in the future…..
Bruce P. W


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