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To whomever it may concern
I have been a student of Mark Hamilton for about 4 years now. I read his literature on a regular basis as well as listen in on the recordings of all 3 weekly meetings the following day. I am not the best with words though I’m sure all the testimonials already submitted will do. I always knew that the human mind didn’t think correctly. After reading the multigenerational manuscripts now I know why and it can all change for better. Mark Hamilton is more than a mentor. He actually wants to better mankind. The entire human race needs the twelve visions party.
The political establishment for the past 2000 years has only hurt mankind, not improved it. The old way is not working. It is time for the anti-civilization to step out of the way and be gone forever. The Twelve Visions World is the way all individuals were meant to live.
Most people believe the first gossip they hear on a particular issue because they are looking for the easy answer. The mystical one. They want other people thinking for them so the first answer is the easiest one to accept without doing their own research. That way of thinking will soon be gone forever. Our minds are meant for more. Nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come.
Sincerely, Anthony G


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