More TVP

I’d like to take this time to praise the people who believe in a change for a better life for all. I love the way the books portray a new society where people really live there lives.
These are not words of a madman, but of a man that feels we are going in the wrong direction, and doing nothing will only bring us there quicker.
People are victims of their own passiveness. They are brainwashed threw the media, which is government owned. So that when anyone tries to go against them they are persecuted as a tyrant.
This country is in great need of change before it is too late. We need less government involvement and more personal responsibility for our own actions. Dependence on our government is just a modern version of slavery.
Our elected officials promise us the world and when elected they tell US what they’re going to do. No, our elected officials are there to do what we will have them do.
I support Mark Hamilton’s vision hope others will wake up and here the call. Out there is world begging for change, you think I’ll let it go you mad . It starts with YOU !


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