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My Name is Normand D
I listened to the Sunday night telecast for the TVP August 30/2009 and was blown away by what I heard.
The honesty, the passion and dedication towards Mark Hamilton and realized that those same passions reside in myself as well.
I long for the Ms Annabelle story to become a reality so much so that what I have read so far from Mark Hamilton is with me 24/7. That’s all I think and or talk about to as many people that will listen to me.
Mark Hamilton has given me guidance and direction to a now brighter future and I will fight tooth and nail to achieve that goal of a new and prosperous world.
The world is a much better place because of Mark Hamilton I thank you Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes and most of all the eyes of the world to the truth. For you have done this with great honesty and integration. You deserve the respect and admiration of the planet, today and in the future.
I know that the US government will try to destroy this valuable asset that we have in you Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party.
The same way a slave owner will to try and keep his slaves, that way the slave owner can keep them as prisoners and under his thumb.
Anyone who listens to and believes the lies spread by the media in attacking Mark Hamilton to me represents themselves to be a slave of the government. Destined to a life of poverty and misery. People of America open your eyes to the truth and listen and read about what the TVP party stands for. A happy, healthy, prosperous, free life for all.
Think about it a world not ruled by force or intimidation, lies and deceit. Think very hard about that. Or live your lives unfulfilled and miserable.


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