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Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society, has remarkably transformed my life for the better.
When I was introduced to Neothink, like so many others, I was living in fear and doubt about the future of my finances, health, and relationships with my loved ones. I was searching for something that could not only give me the answers to my questions, but to help me implement real solutions. My search was over when I discovered the NeoThink Society. The Society has given me absolute and verifiable truths about the world we live in. It has opened my eyes to all of the lies and misconceptions that I’ve been living with all my life. The illusions of what is truth and what is not has been revealed to me through the wonderful Generational Manuscripts that I have read over the past couple of years. Truths about our political system, and our religious beliefs. The manuscripts have given me a solid foundation on which to build my future, my friend and wonderful mentor and author of these wonderful manuscripts, Mark Hamilton is truly a visionary, with a pure and honest way of disseminating the information to his apprentices. Now that I have discovered Neothink, through my reading and meeting with Mr. Hamilton, I have increased my income, work status, my relationship with my mate has blossomed into something totally new and wonderful. Neothink doesn’t try to brainwash you into thinking any particular way or do anything that you don’t want to. It simply lets you discover the truth for yourself. It doesn’t try to educate it just “Stimulates” your thought pattern to let you remove the veils and peel back what has been hidden and let you see how you’ve been misled is so many areas all of your life. Neothink has truly changed by life for the better and I would recommend it for everyone and anyone who is searching for real answers to the tough questions about life.
Larry D. G


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