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When the letter arrived, I initially thought of two things. First, it was from someone from an experimental psychology class I had in college 35 years later, doing a follow up on the 20 participants, to see how they turned out. After finishing reading all the pages, however, that “no”, this is different and more importantly, for the first time I realized, I was not alone.
The revelation that there were other people out there like me, quietly doing business ”Their own way”, invigorated me at a personally challenging moment in my life. Neo-Think by luck (?) had found a prospect with their mailing, who was indeed the right target.
After reading the first Heirloom Book, I was truly amazed that even the example of how to organize a Direct Mail promotion so closely followed my own experience in my chosen profession. I had even organized my own operations and analysis of productivity, virtually the same way! From 10 second miracles, mini days to mini companies, power thinking to teaching “Power Thinking” within my own business, it was like someone had followed me around all these years documenting everything I had accomplished. For all the years that people in my own industry of Direct Marketing had thought I was doing things in a very unusual way by not doing it the usual way, suddenly I was so glad Mark Hamilton picked the list to test that included my name! As tough as this business is, I still am regarded as one of the visionaries and one of the most successful companies in the South.
I started all this in the late 70s and early 80s and when I recently read all this information, I knew I was destined to teach this concept. Without knowing it, I had and am constantly implementing the Neo Think way of doing things and they work beautifully as my own Mailing facility has grown from in 1980, from 1 person (Me) to 200 plus people today(2009). As I start a new division, I always use the picture puzzle concept to envision the variables and let the 10 second miracle put the pieces together. I have practiced this method for so long, that answers come to me very quickly and results are soon measurable. My newest endeavor will also most certainly be even more successful than everything I have done up till now
I look forward to helping others now find their calling in life utilizing all the principles of Neothink.
Norm P


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