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Please read and listen to what I and countless others have studied and received from our Neothink Society, by the late Mark Hamilton Senior, a brilliant scientist, his son Mark Hamilton and numerous extremely well educated American professionals.
To start, all NS members must read not less than 3,000 pages of brilliantly written fact filled books on you name the topic, in order to be able to reach what we call a 12 level member. For the working class members it has taken them no less than 4 to 6 months reading no less than 3 to 4 hours per night in order to reach the 12th level.
What the NS society teaches no school in our country will teach, and certainly not for the type of fee members pay or have paid to become members.
Before I go on to sell you hard on the advantages of being a member of our Neothink Society, let me first state who I am where I came from, when, and where I am now.
In 1954 I moved out of Mexico to enter what then was indisputably the best country in the world politically speaking, as compared to Mexico. The US, my newly adopted land then was without a doubt the shining star of the world politically and economically. We were not heavily in debt to a communist country. A debt our present generation will never be able to pay!
The one factor that was obvious then was the pride of its people and the way they behaved. One would not see crime, complainers or citizens wanting something for nothing from our government. We all felt we had to contribute to the wellbeing of our society. We then practiced what our soon to be President Kennedy then advocated. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your county”. President Kennedy then, a democrat, not today’s democrat by a long shot.
First I immediately registered to serve the country I was prepared to adopt and thus serve. After three years of work in Chicago, I was inducted into the United State Air Force and gladly served six years, I loved it so much that my not having stayed for 20 years, I now view it as one of the worse decision I made in my life. Today you can see what I do and what I think of our political system and today politician by going to my website and click profile. The present economy has killed our industry! I should not have to mention here that our entire population is hurting!
Having said this, let me make it abundantly clear that becoming a member of our Neothink Society will be one of the best moves anyone can make. For me it gave me the equivalent of a PHD I could have earned in any of our today’s colleges, and at a cost any new member can afford. Let me state categorically that I doubt any college could give such an education today. I should not have to mention here that, and I say it sadly, that today many college graduates can hardly ad, subtract without a calculator and many can hardly read or write. I am not criticizing; I am simply stating a fact.
Our political system is broker, we are also financially broke, a communist country is lending us money, money our present generation will not be able to pay, and I doubt our children, and their children will be able to pay either. We are a self absorbed society, more interested in sports than what our government is up to. We are in a collision course with disaster and only a few seem to know it.
Most of our law makers are the Maxine Waters or Barbara Boxer type, for the most part most our politicians act uneducated and poorly informed. Demagoguery is the norm. Our government officials’ including our president tell lies and thinks nothing of it. Our candidates for government positions generally make promises they know they will not be able to keep, and do it so just to win an election, nothing else.
Please take time to know what our Twelve Visions Party and our Neothink Society members are prepared to do. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and the world. The world is watching how we can deal with our blatantly obvious problem.


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